Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week of October 17

The fifth graders will be finishing up their first unit in Math this week and taking their unit test on Thursday.  Next Monday (Oct. 24) they will have the opportunity to assess their growth and compare their pretest to posttest knowledge and proficiency.  Bridges 2nd edition has a great format that allows students to clearly see their increased skill level and view areas they still need to work on. It really puts the student in the driver's seat owning their education. There are so many online opportunities for increasing skill level in any given area.  Our students all have IXL accounts and Khan Academy is a great resource for reteaching/relearning just about anything!

We are still at our beginning stages of division and will continue to delve deeper throughout the year.
Below are some pics that show how students are using the area model to solve division problems. The manipulatives we are using are called base ten pieces.

Liz Steventon is accompanying our 5th graders to Starbase each week.  She graciously and diligently is taking pictures (which is hard to do when we're all so busy during the Starbase day I might add) and I will share some on this blog.




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